Shoulder Support Rig Pro SK-R6

SKU 100706
Sold out
R 2,699
  • Flexible configuration
  • Height adjustable
  • Can be configured separately for left and right shoulder
  • Universal camera plate suitable for all cameras
  • Equipped with 1/4" male thread
  • Two foam padded hand grips


The SK-R6 Pro Shoulder Support Rig is a compact shoulder rig designed to stabilize DSLR cameras and video cameras with a weight of up to 10 kg.
The soft and comfortable shoulder pad is positioned to rest on top of the left or right shoulder, allowing you to steer the rig with two hands.
The camera platform is equipped with a 1/4" male thread which makes it suitable for mounting various accessories.

For extra stability, an optional SK-R01CW counterweight can be attached to the back of the rig.




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