Background 4 Axis Chain System

SKU 100886
R 1,499
  • Wall Mountable
  • 4 Chain System
  • Simultaneous Backdrop Suspension
  • Chain Weights Included
  • Compatible with Various Backdrop Cores


When building up a studio environment you can realise that one backdrop is sometime just not enough. With this Background 4 Axis Chain System, you will be given the freedom to set-up 4 completely different backdrops simultaneously. Deploying and retracting the desired backdrop is made easy with the sturdy chains which link to the backdrop rollers. Simply attach the brackets to the wall, insert the rollers into either end of the backdrop core or aluminium tube, connect the chains and you’re ready for action!

  • Easily installed on your studio wall or ceiling.
  • System includes gears and chains for three background rollers
  • You must use 50mm inner diameter metal or PVC pipe for mounting backgrounds.
  • Expansion inserts allow for compatibility with background cores from 38mm to 72mm in diameter
  • Assembly and operation instructions included.
  • 2 x 4 Axis Roller Brackets
  • 4 x Non-Geared Expanding Rollers
  • 4 x Geared Expanding Rollers
  • 4 x Chains
  • 4 x Chain Weights
  • 8 x Roll Bolts
  • 1 x User and Installation Manual

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