WenPod GP1+ 2-Axis Gimbal (GoPro HERO3, 3+ or 4)

SKU 100266
R 1,499

The WenPod GP1+ is a hand-held 2-axis gimbal specifically designed for the GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, and HERO4 cameras.
The Gimbal also features a 3.5-inch Live-View LCD enabling you to see what you capture so you can perfectly frame your shots



2-Axis Image Stabilisation
The 2-axis stabilisation of the WenPod GP1+ removes unwanted high-frequency movement across both roll and tilt axes, effectively keeping your GoPro camera stabilized and your footage smooth.

CNC Aluminium Frame
Compatible with the GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 models, its fitted CNC aluminium frame design offers significant weight saving to keep the efficiency and responsiveness of gimbal motors at an optimal level.

3.5-inch Live-View LCD with 270° rotation
A USB port embedded in the side of the frame interfaces directly with the GoPro to deliver a real-time feed for your shooting convenience. At 3.5-inches the LCD is significantly larger than the GoPro LCD BacPac, providing a more comfortable and confidence inspiring shooting experience with better framing and compositional accuracy. It also eliminates the 'hope for the best' style blind shooting commonly associated with static GoPro poles and selfie sticks. Additionally the screen is capable of rotating 270°, to allow you to shoot at various angles without affecting the live-view display

Instant Video Playback
The screen is also great for video playback, providing a large display to instantly relive a moment of action or check to ensure you've got the shot you need.

2 Dedicated Panning Modes
The GP1+ is also features two different panning features to help give your videos that extra professional polish. One mode provides a slight delay to the position of the camera in relation to the pan in order to smooth out the motion and deliver the most fluid shot possible. The second panning feature allows you to lock the position of the GoPro so it remains focused in the same direction while allowing you to pan freely in relation to the locked position.

Dedicated Record Button
At the rear of the grip is a handy record button to allow fast, convenient start-stop recording, maximising your battery life and MicroSD card space while making it easier to edit during post-production.




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