Wall Mount Bracket 3 inch

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Professional Bracket Wall Support System for Studio Lighting & Flash Lights


JM10 Professional Bracket Wall Support System for Studio Lightning Flash Lights Description
The support JM10 allows you to install lights, flash, lighting on the walls or ceiling of your study.
Ideal for small spaces, it can be used instead of the studio stands to save space.
Further, when mounted on a ceiling, allowing you to easily create points of light from above.
In connection with the spigot, a diverse application of your studio flashguns is made possible.
This support is designed for photo and video studio, but also can be utilized in many different applications.
Product Features
Very sturdy wall lamp support
High load capacity
Universal connection Spigot 5/8"
Ideal for photo and video studios
No more trip hazards on the floor

What do you get:
Wall Mount Bracket JM10 #3




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