VSGO Microfiber Camera Lens , Screen Cleaning Cloth

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This optical lens cleaning cloth is super thin and soft, does no damage to your lens.
Each piece of cleaning cloth is made of microfiber and cut by laser, no fiber drop make sure no secondary pollution.
This camera lens cleaning cloth can also be used for glasses, screens, camera body, etc.
It is big enough and worth the price.
It is washable and can be used for several years.


This lens cleaning cloth is made of microfiber and cut by laser to make sure no fiber drop and lint-free during cleaning.
It is widely used for the cleaning of Nikon Canon camera lens, glasses, phone screens, camera body, etc.

Made of microfiber and cut by laser, this optical lens cleaning cloth works without fiber drop and any damage to your lens.
It can not only used for camera lens, but also for glasses, screens, camera body, any delicate surface.
Its size is 9"×9" , big enough for the cleaning work.
Both sides of this cleaning cloth can used to clean.
It can be reused after washing. But the washed cloth can only used to clean computer screen, mobile phone, glasses and other products.

Brand Name: VSGO
Name: DSLR camera lens cleaning cloth
Model: DDC-1
Material: Microfirber
Size: 9" x 9"
Suitable for: Digital camera, computer, keyboard piano etc. cleaning
Application: Clean camera lens, CCD/CMOS, high grade glassess

Packaged Included:
1x 9"×9" Lens cleaning cloth




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