VSGO Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit DSLR , SLR Cleaner CCD/CMOS

SKU 100572
R 399

Cleaning kit for your Full Frame Camera


VSGO Full Frame Cleaning Swab Kit is a professional cleaning kit for all kinds of full frame CCD/CMOS sensor.
It can also be used to clean mobile phone screen, optical lens and many more!

VSGO Cleaning solution is specialised for sensor cleaning.
With its gel-like texture and active cleaning ingredients, even one drop can show its best performance, bringing you the purest cleaning experience.

Cleaning Swabs are vacuum packed individually in a clean environment.
Meaning no foreign particles will be present in each cleaning swab.

The cleaning swabs are made of superfine fiber, 2um instead of the ordinary 20um.
With its superfine fiber, it is dedicated for sensor cleaning to sweep off the smallest of dust and particles.

12 x 24mm Vacuum Packed Cleaning Swabs
15ml Cleaning Solution




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