VSGO APS-C Frame (CCD/CMOS) Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

SKU 100573
R 219
  • Non-alcoholic base water ensures minimum friction and static build up
  • Micrometer level fiber cloth absorbs and sweeps invisible particles
  • Super thin and flexible cleaning-tongue spread pressure evenly for safe and complete cleaning
  • Multi ingredients formula cleaner for smooth and effective Sensor cleaning
  • For APS-C Camera sensor


Professional APS-C Sensor cleaning Kit for crystal clear images.
Combined use of swab with cleaner solution smoothly remove stubborn stains on sensor, with minimum friction and static buildup on sensor.
Best result is achieved by applying a dry swab immediate after swap with cleaner solution.
Special gel-like texture with active cleaning ingredients.
This kit can also be used for high-grade lens cleaning.
Please read the instruction first and contact us if have any questions.
We are not responsible for any damage to your camera from misuse of the products.

Includes :
Box of 12 X 16mm Swab
15ml Sensor Cleaner




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