Underwater Tteoobl 20M

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Tteoobl GQ-518M 20M Waterproof Underwater Camera Bag Case for DSLR Camera Transparent.


Features :
20M waterproof case for digital camera
Use of new high-security performance plastic for ensuring a waterproof seal
Soft jacket allows minimal influence to the operation of various functions of the camera
Comes with a neck strap for easy carrying
Suitable for camping, boating, fishing, swimming or other water sports
Waterproof up to 20 meters

Fits brands:
Canon 550D 18-55 / Canon 550D 18-200 / Canon 50D 18-135 Canon 450 18-55 / Nikon D90 18-105 / Canon 550D 18-135 Canon 7000 18-105 / Canon 600D 18-135 / Nikon D5100 18-55 Canon 40D 17-85 / Canon 60D 18-200 / Canon 500D 18-200 Canon 7D 15-85 / Canon 60D 17-40 / Nikon D90 18-200 Canon 7D 18-200 / Nikon D80 18-135 / Canon 5DII 24-105 Canon 600D 18-200 / Canon 60D 18-135/ Nikon D700 18-200

Note :
Before use, please carry out a waterproof test on the product and check whether the product has damaged parts, particularly for the seal part and the periphery, do not continuously use the product at high temperature, and avoid scratching or dragging during use.
The product is suitable for the temperature of between -15 DEG C and 50 DEG C.
After used in the water, if the camera needs to be taken out, please put the seal downward so as to prevent the residual water from entering the waterproof jacket.
After use each time, please check the port and corners and the seal, wipe the water, package the camera into the prior box and store the box.

Specifications: Model: GQ-518M
Type: Waterproof Camera Case Cover
Material: Environmental PVC
Size: 17.5cm (effective space)
Width: 19cm (effective space)
Thickness: 7.8cm (effective space)
Lens Length: 10cm
Net Weight: 300g




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