Tolifo Tornado Series T-180B 360W Flash Kit

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Tolifo Tornado Series T-180B 360W Flash Light Kit 2x180W Bowens Mounting Style studio light Kit with Wireless Radio 16 Channel Trigger Set, Light stand and Softbox


T-180B Professional Studio Light Kit 360W (2 X 180W Flash Light Kit)

Upgraded 10mm flash tube increases the flash intensity by 20%
Overheat protection ensures longer work time of the strobe flash
Bowens style mountings compatible with the most photographic accessories
Flash tube delievers the beam covering wider range
High quality capacitors extends the lifespan more than 150000 flashes

Model No: T-180B
Output : 180W
Exposure Index : 46GN
Recycling Time: 0.5-2 seconds
Color Temperature : 5600±100K
Modeling Lamp : AC 110v/AC220v 75W
Light Holder: G6.35 Bi pin plug
Recycling Indication: Buzzer
Triggering Method: Photocell, syn cable and test button
Voltage: AC110V/AC220V 50/60Hz 5A
Package Includes:
2 x T-180W flash heads
2 x 200cm light stands
2 x 50x70cm softbox
1 x 16 chanels flash trigger
1 x Carry bag




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