Tolifo 200w Shark Light Soft Box Kit B

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Brighter than traditional 2000w tungsten lights with an energy consumption less than 90%.

2X High output Power 200w LED Shark Light (Excluding Dish)
2X 2.6m Heavy Duty Light stands
2X 60x90cm Soft Box
2X Led Remote Control (Excluding Batteries)


High output Power 200w LED Shark Light

The all new powerful Tolifo 200W multipurpose LED light.
Brighter than traditional 2000w tungsten lights with an energy consumption lessen than 90%.
The built in cooling fan reduces the led working temperature allowing the led bulb a 50000 hour life span with no need to ever replace bulbs again!
The Bowens mount allows for a large range of accessories to be added to the light allowing for shaping, diffusion and colour adjustments.
The Lights power is fully adjustable and is suited to both video and photography studios as well as live events such as weddings and sports.
The light can be controlled by an included wireless remote controlling up to 8 individual sets of lights.
Square ProVersatile 60 x 90cm Soft box. The 60 x 90cm studio photo soft boxes are ideal for general photography, including portraits, group shots, glamour and product photography. This photo soft box is ideal for use on any flash heads. The inner diameter of the ring is 5.5". Advantages: A beautiful soft light which is kind to models. Portable unit which assembles easily - Packs up quickly and simply. Randomized reflective inner surface removes "hotspots" as light scatters around the inside of the soft box. The Bowen speed-ring attaches to most flash head types.

Model: SK-2000L
Output: 200W
Luminous Flux: 18000LM
LED Quantity: Single star integration
Color Temperature: 5600k
Light Source: High power LED module
Color Reading Index: 90
Adjusting Range: 10%-100%
Working Life: 50000h
Remote control: 99 channel 2.4G wireless remote control
Remote control distance: 50M
Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

2x High output Power 200w LED Shark Light
2x 2m Light stands
2x Led Remote Control (Excluding Batteries)
2x Power cable
2x 60x90cm Soft Box
Instruction Manual




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