Soft Box 60x140

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Stripbox 60x140 with Bowens mount and grid.
Studio photo soft boxes with grid are ideal for hair lighting or small strip lighting general photography; including portraits, group shots, glamour and product photography.


Time saving: rapid setup in Seconds
Sturdy metal construction
Ideal for location photographer
Omnibounce silver reflective fabric with black backing
Reflective and diffusive material
Soft, Wraparound Light
Even light distribution
Colorfast Material
Waterproof Material
Comes with removeable rear and front diffuser and Grid
Bowens STyp Speedring included
Size: 60x140cm
Weight: approx. 1300g
Material: Nylon; speedring and steel rods: Metal

Package includes:
1 x Striplight 60x140cm with Bowens SType Speedring
1 x Honeycomb Grid
1 x Rear Diffuser
1 x Front Diffuser
1 x Carry Bag




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