Smart Grip for Smartphone Photography

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  • Small, compact, easy to use and carry
  • Adjustable height
  • Holds your device tightly
  • An ultimate tool for serious smartphone photography
  • Compatible with virtually any smartphone model
  • Can be used as a Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Grip, and Traveler Stand
  • Made for avid smartphone photographers, filmmakers, journalists, sporters and travelers


SK-PSC1 Smart Grip is indeed quite a multi-purpose tool for the mobile device photographers!
Together in the same package have been incorporated into the tripod mount, Filmmaker grip, and a handy mobile stand.
The product is suitable for use with almost all mobile phones.
Smart Grip found a total of three tripod thread, so attaching it to the desired position, for example, a tripod will certainly succeed.
In addition, Grip found in hot shoe, which can be attached to the assist lamp (LED), a microphone. Smart Grip is a small, Compact and easy to carry.

SK-PSC1 Smart Grip Specifications:
Height (in full): 13cm
The maximum size of the phone: 9,7cm
The minimum size of the phone: 5,7cm
Materials: Aluminium and plastic
Weight: 164g
Wrist Strap




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