Sirui PH-20 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

R 9,500
SKU 100661


The Sirui PH-20 Gimbal Head features a carbon fiber construction and supports a heavy load of up to 20kg.
Gimbal heads helps make operating long supertelephoto lenses effortless by having the weight of the lens hang rather than supporting it.
After a quick setup, framing and tracking will be extremely quick and easy as the lens and camera can be moved with minimal force and there are no locking or tension that needs to be adjusted while shooting.


Easy lock-less operation
With the camera and lens perfectly balanced on the gimbal head, there's no need to lock any controls. You can quickly and easily move your camera in any direction with only the slightest amount of force. A correctly aligned system can be controlled with one finger. This will make tracking fast moving subjects like birds, wildlife, sports, racing cars, planes, cyclists, runners an easy task and ensure you capture the moment with precise composition and sharp, camera/lens shake free images.

Multi-layer carbon fiber and aircraft aluminium construction
By using cross-pattered, multi-layer carbon fiber for the arm and forged aircraft aluminium for the L-bracket, the SIRUI PH-20 is very strong and can hold up to 20 kg, but weighs only 1.3 kg. Carbon Fiber also offers reduced vibrations and better tolerance to temperature changes.

20kg load capacity
The Sirui PH-20 gimbal head can support a heavy duty load of up to 20kg. This means that the head can support any current professional DSLR camera and super telephoto lens combination.

Nodal Point adjustment
The nodal point can be perfectly adjusted for distortion-free panoramic shots.

Other features:
Arca-compatible quick release system, calibrated quick release platform, and included quick release plate with two 1/4" screws
360 ° panorama function with scale
Scale for pitch, roll and vertical displacement
Tilt of +150 ° to -60 °
Ideal for these SIRUI tripods: R-3203 , R-4203 , R-4203L, R-4213X, R-4214X, R-5214L and R-5214XL




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