Rode's Rycote Video Mic with Windsock

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Rode's VideoMic Rycote with windsock


Rode's VideoMic is the choice of countless DSLR videographers.
This package adds a Rycote Lyre shock mount that's ideal for outdoor or run-and-gun shooting.
When you can't run a separate boom mic, don't let your camera's lackluster onboard microphone be the weakest link in the chain.
Upgrade your on-camera mic to the Rode VideoMic and be a true "one-man-band" videographer - with uncompromised camera audio.
The VideoMic shotgun microphone is the ideal solution for improving audio quality when you're shooting solo on a DSLR.

Still Using Your Camera's Onboard Mic? When photojournalists demanded a still camera that could also capture HD video, the industry responded with high-end digital SLRs. As it turned out, shooting video on DSLR cameras was so convenient, even pro filmmakers started getting in on the action. But digital SLR cameras lack a professional onboard microphone - and even full-sized HD video cameras can benefit from a better mic. Fortunately, any camera with an audio-in jack can accept input from the Rode VideoMic. There's no need for XLR inputs: the VideoMic's 8" coiled output cable terminates in a standard-size 3.5 mm (1/8") plug, which fits in your camera's stereo audio minijack. This setup is ideal for recording on-camera dialogue and interviews, since the VideoMic's plug automatically sends its mono signal to both sides of your video's stereo audio track. Better Sound When You Roll Without a Boom Video pros go to great lengths to get amazing shots, and the Rode VideoMic can help you deliver location audio that's on par with the quality of your images.

The VideoMic is a highly-directional hypercardioid shotgun microphone that cancels audio from the sides and back of the mic, in order to better pick up your source in noisy environments or at far distances. The microphone is self-powered from a standard 9-volt battery for 100 hours, with an on/off switch on the back. With a flat frequency response save for a smooth, airy slight boost in the highs, this mic captures accurate, realistic voices and ambiances. Engage the high-pass filter switch to roll off bass frequencies below 80 Hz, eliminating hum from machinery or wind, and maximizing voice intelligibility. You can add the optional Rode "Deadcat" wind sock to deliver clean audio when rolling in windy environments. Best of all, this professional-quality shotgun mic is available at a much lower price than even entry-level XLR boom microphones. Standard Shoe Mount Fits Most Cameras The Rode VideoMic's integrated shock mount is designed to isolate the mic from rumble and vibrations from your hands or tripod.

Underneath the all-in-one mic/shock mount, there's a standard-size shoe mount made to fit most video cameras, with an oversized fastening wheel that makes quick work of attaching the VideoMic to your camera. If you'd like to go dual-system and use your VideoMic on a separate boom pole (or you want to use the mic separately in the studio for VO or ADR sessions), just unscrew the shoe fastener to access 3/8" and 1/4" threaded holes for use on a boom pole or mic stand. Or attach the Rode PG1 Cold Shoe Pistol Grip to rotate your VideoMic independently, while it's mounted on your camera.

- Runs over 100 hours on one 9-volt battery
- Highly directional supercardioid pickup pattern
- Accurate frequency response
- 1/8" output fits your camera's audio input
- Records mono audio to both stereo tracks
- Standard shoe mount fits most cameras
- 80 Hz bass roll-off switch filters out hum and wind noise
- Integrated shock mount with replaceable rubber rings
- On/off switch A must-have accessory for videographers, the Rode VideoMic shotgun microphone provides the crisp audio quality of an external mic with the convenience of a standard camera shoe mount.

1x Rode Rycote video mic
1x Windsock




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