Red Head Lighting Kit with Dimmers and Hard Wheel Bag

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High quality Red Head Kit comes with a Studio wheel bag , 3 Red Heads, 3 Strong Light Stands 2.6m, 3 Bulbs, 3 Barn Doors with switches and 3 dimmers


This is a great quality complete kit for studio room photography and videography.
There are three continuous 800W lights with barn doors.
Each light has foldable barn doors to adjust light intensity.
A screw at the bottom of the lamp modulates the bulb’s focus.
Also with A power cable withdimmer switch.
This kit also includes, three high quality light stands and a carry case.
The 3-section light stand measures 260cm long (107cm when folded)

Dimmers allow for full adjustment of light output from 10% to 100%

800W Red Head Halogen Light Head x3
800W Bulb x3
Photo Light Stand x3
Barn Door x3
Studiowheel Bag x1
Local AC Plug and cord x 3
Dimmer Switch x 3




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