QL1000 light kit B

R 5,500
SKU 100863

This Kit contains 2x 1000watt dimmable lights with built in fan(3200k), 2x 2m Light stands, 2x reflector dishes and 1x studio Bag.


This is a continuous variable adjustment halogen lighting kit, each head has a built in fan and a 1000 Watt bulb.
The lights are dimmable by means of a touch button .This enables you to set each light exactly the same or allows you to remember certain lighting effects and the power you used for them.

Max. Output Power: 1000w
Color Temperature: 3300K
Power Setting: 1/16-full
Bulb Style:G-9.5 2 pins
Input Voltage: 220V
Size per light head:136*127*100mm


2PCS x QL1000 Light Head with bowens connection
2PCS x Reflector dishes
2PCS x 2m light stands
2 PCS x 1000watt bulbs
1 PCS x studio bag




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