QL1000 light kit A

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This Kit contains 3x 1000watt dimmable lights with digital display and fan(3200k), 3x 60x90cm High Temperature soft boxes, 3x 2m Light stands, 3x reflector dishes


This is a continuous variable adjustment halogen lighting kit, each head with built in fan and a 1000 Watt bulb.
The lights are dimmable by means of a touch button. Enabling you to set each light exactly the same or allows you to remember certain lighting effects and the power you used for them.

There is a overheat protection function which will turn off the light if the temperature inside reaches temperatures greater than 200 degrees F, protecting the fuse, the bulb and the rest of the light's internal systems

Three high temperature soft boxes are included to allow you to create softer lighting

Max. Output Power: 1000w
Color Temperature: 3300K
Power Setting: 1/16-full
Bulb Style:G-9.5 2 pins
Input Voltage: 220V
Size per light head:136*127*100mm


3PCS x QL1000 Light Head with bowens connection
3PCS x Reflector dishes
3PCS x 2m light stands
3 PCS x 1000watt bulbs
3 PCS 60x90cm High Temperature soft boxes
1 PCS x studio bag




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