Photo Diffuser Ball 50cm

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Photo Diffuser Ball


Essential photographic translucent white ball diffuser provides one of the most natural and even lighting in portrait photography.
The projected light uniformly diffuses at 360 degrees in 3D.
It gives high power soft light and with a strong sense of hierarchy, which reflects by the center to the edge, from the high spot to the weak light gradient.
It can better reflect the gradual change of portraits eye and skin color and films a scene full of light evenly.
Ideal for interior lighting and indoor photography, decor, architecture, etc. Manufactured in high quality plastic materials.
Cinematographers use the diffuser ball for the soft lighting and bare bulb effect, which is perfect for location lighting.

Model: Essential Photo Diffuser Ball
Colour :Translucent White
Diameter :50 cm
Net Weight Approx: 1kg

1x Bowens Mounted Photo Diffuser Ball 50cm
Flash Light in Photo Is Not Included!




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