Pantograph & Ceiling 2m Track Kit - 4 Unit 3MX3M

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Pantograph & Ceiling 2m Track Kit - 4 Unit 3mX3m


Pantograph & Ceiling 2m Track Kit - 4 Unit 3mx3m 4 x Pantographs (1.8mtr) 2 x Single Profiles - Fixed (3mtr each) 2 x Double Profiles - Floating (3mtr each) Roof mounting brackets

Steel Safety Cable - Never trip over cords or light stands in your studio again!
With the Pantograph & Ceiling 2m Track Kit - 4 Unit 3MX3M you are able to get your lights off the floor and into the air with this complete studio rail system kit, allowing you to spend less time moving lights and more time producing fine art.
The rail systems are easy to install, and will give you the flexibility of unlimited lighting placement coupled with weightless fluid movement and maximum photo studio operating space.
The rail system is extremely cost-effective and offers tremendous time-saving advantages and enhanced flexibility compared to traditional light stands.
This versatile light support system adapts to any 5/8" mount flash heads, monolights or tungsten units with or without soft boxes, umbrellas or reflectors.
Whether you are creating a new setting or simply making adjustments, the rail system will allow rapid height adjustments and effortless directional light control thanks to its unique counter balanced system.




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