Nikon D5 DSLR Camera Body (Dual XQD)

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The Nikon D5 is the latest flagship professional DSLR from Nikon. The camera features near limitless performance and spectacular image and video capabilities to push both photography and video recording to new levels.
The Nikon D5 features a newly designed high resolution 20.8MP Full Frame sensor that features a colossal light sensitivity range of ISO 50 - 3280000 and can record Internal 4K UHD at 30 frames per second.
Sport shooters will be happy to know that the D5 features Nikon's EXPEED 5 image processor to deliver super-fast autofocus and 12-fps continuous shooting with full-time AF/AE up to 200 frames.



20.8 Megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor
The Nikon D5 DSLR features a newly designed fullframe format CMOS sensor. The sensor features a high resolution of 20.8 megapixels, and will enable you to create large prints, even after cropping.

Colossal ISO 50 - 3280000 range
The Nikon D5 features a large native ISO range of 100-102400, and a simply colossal extended light-sensitivity of over 3 million - ISO 3280000. The extreme light sensitivity will enable capturing images/videos in the most extreme low light conditions such as indoor sports and night events.

14-bit lossless RAW file recording
By capturing RAW files in 14-bit, users will be able to further push post processing for even more accurate colours, wider dynamic range and improve noise reduction.

EXPEED 5 image-processing engine
Nikon's new EXPEED 5 engine features faster processors, more memory and improved algorithms to produce colour accurate images, reduce image noise, and enables large image buffers of up to 200 RAW files.

Autofocus and camera performance:
153-point AF system with 99 cross sensors
A new focusing system provides the Nikon D5 with 153-point AF system with 99 cross sensors for wider and denser coverage. 99 pf the sensors are cross type sensors with superior subject- detection performance, that are distributed efficiently in central and peripheral areas, delivering more compositional freedom. The camera demonstrates higher accuracy in overall subject detection, including small subjects as well as those with low overall contrast.

Dedicated AF processor
The D5 is equipped with a dedicated AF engine chip, capable of rapid calculations. Between this engine and the sequence control microcomputer, several tasks are handled in parallel, speeding up autofocus calculations and control. The result is superior AF response, which assists photographers in scenes such as tracking. The AF engine also permits a new AF algorithm to be employed, which efficiently coordinates a range of operations, including advanced subject detection and detailed scene analysis. This enables precise AF tracking of moving subjects during approx. 12-fps continuous shooting.

180 000 pixel RGB sensor
The Nikon D5 features a new 180 000 pixel RGB sensor which maintains high sensitivity while significantly increasing the pixel count. By having more pixels the camera can now detect and focus/meter on even smaller subjects, and the increased sensitivity enables focusing/metering in dark environments

15 autofocus points for f/8 (teleconverter) setups
Fifteen focus points, including nine selectable points, are available for lens setups slower than f/5.6 and equal to or faster than f/8. This will enable autofocus when using a select lens and teleconverter combinations.

Auto AF fine-tune
Auto AF fine-tune helps you to calibrate your lenses to your camera. The feature works by achieving focus in live view and then letting the camera automatically acquire the AF tuning value.

12-fps continuous shooting with full-time AF/AE up to 200 frames
The D5's amazing processing power and speed enables photographers to shoot with no loss of speed or confidence. The cutting-edge technology used in the camera delivers stable high- speed continuous shooting at a frame rate of approximately 12 frames per second (12 fps) with full-time autofocus and autoexposure at any image quality or sensitivity, including Hi 5 (ISO 3280000) and 14-bit RAW, continuously for up to 200 frames.

Dual XQD Slots
This model of the Nikon D5 features dual XQD memory card slots. XQD is one of the fastest portable storage solutions currently available and features speeds up to 440MB/s. By utilising XQD the D5 can clear the buffer faster to so you can safely continue shooting.

Video features:
Internal 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) video recording
The Nikon D5 is further future proofed by incorporating Ultra HD 4K video recording. 4K is the latest standard in video resolution and features 4 times more pixels than Full HD. The camera records 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) 30p/25p/24p videos in a 1.5x crop, saving the data onto in-camera memory cards. ISO range stays unchanged to make ISO 3280000 available in 4K recording.
Full HD and HD is also available and can be recorded in full frame format at 60 frames per second.

Uncompressed 4K HDMI output
An uncompressed 4K frame-by-frame live feed can be directly transferred to an external display or recorder simultaneously.

Dot-by-dot readout
Dot-by-dot readout means that information from every pixel on the image sensor is recorded to produce video with less in-camera processing, delivering detail-rich, high-resolution videos. Combining this method and EXPEED 5’s uniquely advanced video processing, while taking advantage of the 4K UHD’s high resolution, the D5 produces stunning quality videos.

Flat picture control
Flat picture control records as much image information as possible to enable more control in post-production. With more control you can produce high-resolution videos that faithfully reflect your creative intentions in a relatively simple process.

Movie exposure compensation
When shooting a scene with drastic exposure changes, the D5 will render everything with gradual transitions via a delicate auto exposure control dedicated to movie recording. Even at high ISO settings, the camera reproduces the changes naturally while maintaining rich tonal gradation and details.

Power aperture control
Power aperture control can be assigned to the Pv button (power aperture [open]) and Fn1 button (power aperture [close]), allowing you to continuously change brightness and depth of field during filming with smooth, quiet control of apertures.

Record time lapse movies in-camera
The Nikon D5 DSLR allows you to produce time-lapse movies easily, and all inside the camera. This feature is compatible with any frame size/frame rate or movie quality, including 4K UHD/30p. What’s more, the exposure smoothing function is also available. This efficiently reduces unwanted flicker effects in a time-lapse movie where the brightness changes widely, such as at dawn or dusk, by automatically reducing the subtle exposure variance of each frame in A and other auto modes. The exposure smoothing function is also available in interval timer photography.

Comprehensive sound control
Internal or external microphone sensitivity levels can be adjusted in 20 increments while recording, and sound can be monitored with external headphones. The frequency response function also enables you to choose from a range of audio recording presets including wide, vocal and wind reduction.

Movie-shooting menu
The D5 has a new, dedicated movie-shooting menu. This comes in particularly handy when switching back and forth between still-photo shooting and movie recording, because you can select different settings like white balance and Picture Control in advance and maintain them throughout the shooting.

Body, operation and other features:
2359k-dot 3.2 inch touchscreen LCD
Experience smoother workflow with a new touchscreen monitor that can even respond to operation wearing gloves, enabling quick image confirmation via rapid scrolling through thousands of pictures or getting pin-point accurate focus while zooming in live-view.

Refined hand grip
The hand grip's contour has been refined for greater support, regardless of hand size.

Multifunctional HTTP server mode
In addition to conventional methods of remote shooting and viewing pictures stored on in-camera memory cards, the D5’s HTTP server mode allows continuous shooting with remote cameras via a computer or smart-device web browser. The D5 allows you to enter text via web browsers, which means that you can check and edit in-camera IPTC, comments and copyright information.

Button illumination
The D5’s buttons features illumination to provides enhanced visibility of the camera controls.

Fn2 and Fn3 custom function buttons
The D5 incorporates two new custom function buttons. The Fn2 button, conveniently placed on the front of the body for vertical shooting, allows photographers to use three assigned functions simultaneously in combination with the Pv and Fn1 buttons also on the front side. With the Fn3 button on the rear of the body, you can assign the functions “Connect to network,” “Voice recording” and “Rating,” as well as “Index marking” and “View photo shooting info

Multiple exposure modes
The Nikon D5's multiple exposure modes combine up to 10 frames to create a single picture. The exposures are joined by either “Lighten” or “Darken" modes. With “Lighten” mode, the camera compares pixels in each exposure and uses the brightest. Conversely, the “Darken” option employs the darkest.

Electronic front-curtain shutter
An electronic front curtain reduces internal mechanical vibration/movement for sharper pictures.

Durable shutter
The D5's shutter has been tested for 400,000 cycles with the shutter unit actually loaded into a fully assembled camera. It also features a self- diagnostic shutter monitor, which automatically detects and minimizes the difference between the designated shutter speed and the actual speed, ensuring maximum precision.

Rugged body with anti-dust and weather sealing
The D5 employs a magnesium alloy body to give it a strong and durable body while being light weight. The camera body's joined sections are also sealed to ensure high resistance to dust and bad weather, letting you shoot with the utmost confidence, even in inclement conditions.

Long battery life
The D5 utilises Nikon's new EN-EL18a rechargeable Li-ion battery, enabling it to shoot up to 3780 pictures per charge in single-frame release mode, or video recording for approximately 110 minutes.




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