Mini LED Video Light For Smartphones/DSLR or Gopro

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  • Compact
  • Dimmable
  • 50 LED Bulbs
  • Rechargeable Built-In Battery
  • Smartphone Clamp Included


This miniature LED light is perfect for those who need a quick and compact solution while filming. With a 50 LED bulb design, the light is more collective and even. Similar to the size of a bank card with its 1cm thin and light body, it will easily fit with any other equipment and not be cumbersome. Use the cellphone clamp to secure the light onto the body of your phone and ensure that your videos have professional quality lighting. Includes 3 different diffusers to allow for warm orange, cool blue or diffused lighting effects.

  • Brand: Commlite
  • Model: CM-L50
  • Colour: Black
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mA
  • Charging Current: 600mA
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Operational Voltage: 3.7V~4.2V
  • Operational Current: 800mA
  • Colour Temperature: ±6000K
  • Run-Time at Minimum Brightness: 18 hours
  • Run-Time at Maximum Brightness: 60 minutes
  • Charging Time on AC Adaptor: 40 minutes
  • Charging Time on PC USB Port: 2 hours
  • LED Panel Size: 7.2cm x 4.3cm (Length x Width)
  • Item Size: 8.5cm x 5cm x 1cm (Length x Width x Thickness)
  • Levels of Brightness: 8
  • Power Level Indicators: 4
  • Item Weight: 53g
  • 1 x CM-L50 LED Video Light
  • 1 x Cellphone Clamp
  • 1 x Soft Diffuser
  • 1 x Blue Diffuser
  • 1 x Orange Diffuser
  • 1 x Camera Mount
  • 1 x Smartphone Mount
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

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