Menik WT-4i High speed Flash Controller with 2x USB Receivers (Nikon)

SKU 100415
R 3,199

Menik WT-4i high sync speed wireless flash trigger/controller with 2x USB Receiver.
For Nikon cameras


LCD display screen, 2.4GHz wireless remote, USB receiver
Wireless remote function adjustment, sync trigger flash
Working without interference within 50m
With A and B groups, each group matches with 100 flashes, 200 channels in total, independently remote function adjustment and trigger, non-interfering
Max shutter sync speed of 1/8000s
With power-save mode and sleep mode
All channels function-key design enables adjust the flashes quickly and consistently
Used on FN series studio lights

1 x Menik WT-4i Wireless Trigger
2 x USB Receiver




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