Menik LED Bi-color motes wand studio light

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Built-in lithium battery,with charger.
Dual mode of power supply by using battery and AC adapter.
All aluminum body, with standard 1/4 interface for camera.
Adjustable double color, optional choices for 5600K/4500K/3200K.


Model STL-18W
Power supply DC8.4V 2.0A AC100-240V
Power :300*0.06W(18W)
Beam Angle :60°
Illumination: 2000lux
Brightness variation :0%-100%
Color Rendering index(ra) :±95%
Color temperature: 5600k ±200k ±4500k ±3200k ±100k
Lasting illuminaton :Approx 2.5 hours (7.4V 5000mAh)
Dimension :600*46*46mm




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