Menik 130Wh Li-ion Lithium Battery V-Lock

SKU 100411
R 5,499

Menik 130Wh Li-ion Lithium Battery V-Lock


Li-ion rechargeable battery, no memory effect.
5-level LED power indicator.
Built-in intelligent control circuit. Temperature, current and voltage protection.
Supply power to camera light by the standard Power Tap port.
Compatible with all the broadcast video cameras using V Lock battery pack
Large capacity, long operating time
A-level imported lithium-ion cell, no memory effect, environmental protection,
TAP Power interface help power camcorder and interview light at the same time
Sony V-Mount/ Anton Mount
14.8V, 8.8Ah, 130wh.
LED Charge Readout
Power Tap Input
Size: 163*47*88mm
Weighs 0.74KG
Max output current: 5.5A
Suggest operating temp: -10℃ ~ +45℃

1 x 130Wh V-mount Battery




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