Lippmann LED-600A Lighting Kit

R 2,950
SKU 101261

The LED-600A is a versatile LED lighting panel that can be used in many photography and videography projects.
The aluminium chassis and dual battery mounts make it a lightweight, portable option for shooting on location.
The light emits 4500 lumens at a 1-meter distance.

Main Features:
Can be powered by mains or batteries (batteries not included)
Compact and lightweight
Colour temperature can be adjusted (with included filters)
Digital display


1x LED-600A LED Lighting Panels with Barndoors
1x 2m Light stands
1x Power adapters
2x Filters (White, Orange)

NP750 Battery (Decoded) Plus Charger
NP970 Battery (Decoded) Plus Charger

Power: 220V AC 50Hz-60Hz DC:12V
Output power: 40W
Lumen: 4500Lm
Colour Temperature: 6000k / 3200k
Adjustment range: 1/32–1/1 stepless adjustment
Flash index Higher than 90
Temperature protection: YES
Battery compatible: YES (SONY 750 and higher)
LED tube life: More than 50000 Hours
Dimensions: 23x23x2.5cm
Weight: 1.38kg




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