Lippmann 200W Bi-Color LED 4 Bank Kino

SKU 100768
R 7,899

DMX Capabilities



Barn Doors




The LED 200Watt 4 bank light is perfect for interviews and cinematography, it also works brilliantly for portraits with its soft even lighting. Due to its low operational costs and long lifespan of the 4 LED tubes you should be getting at least 50 000 hours operating time. The bi-color adjustment makes it easy to match any ambient lighting already available. The LED 200Watt 4 bank is also highly portable. If you are running a DMX setup, you can also control the light via the DMX board, just another feature that makes this light a must-have in any cinematographer’s kit.


1 x Bag
1 x 200w LED Kino 
1 x Power supply
4 x 50w Led Bi-color tubes

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