Light Tent 150cm

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R 1,699

Light Tent 150 cm used for product photography or macro shooting.


150 x 150 x 150cm Photo Soft Box Light Tent Cube

Designed to help you produce great quality digital photos right from your own tabletop studio.
Made from photographic grade light diffusing white nylon fabric.
Provides 4 removable backgrounds cloths in White, Black, Red and Blue.
Can be lit by flash, fluorescent, quartz, tungsten and flood lights.
Supplied with a detachable front door cover incorporating a slit for your camera lens, particularly useful when photographing highly reflective objects such as silver and glass.
Suitable for creating professional, consistent images for catalogues, online auctions, collectibles and product photography.
This light tent will enable you to control where and how light falls on to your product.
The four background cloths give more choices to take conspicuous photos.
The infinity cloth can be hung as a backdrop using Velcro tabs to help define the product being shot as cleanly as possible.

White in Color
Lightweight and portable, washable
Size : 150 x 1500 x 150 cm
Different lighting options can be created on your own allowing you to produce digital photos as you want.
Small carrying pouch for easy transport and neat storage.

High Illumination & High Stability.




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