Hahnel HLX-E8N Extreme High Capacity Battery Pack for Canon LP-E8

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The Hahnel HLX-E8N Extreme is a generic spare or replacement Canon LP-E8 battery.
The battery pack features a higher capacity of 1200mAh, 7.2V, 8.6Wh and better durability than the standard 1120mAh 8.1Wh Canon LP-E8.
Better durability is thanks to high quality Li-ion cells,high energy density ratio, excellent voltage stability, and 3m drop proof shock absorption.


Compatible with:
Canon 550D
Canon 600D
Canon 650D
Canon 700D

Capacity 1200mAh, 7.2V, 14.4Wh
Lithium Ion
Replacement for Canon LP-E8
The HL-E8 has the same ID features as the LP-E8 including the battery condition indicator.
It will charge correctly in the original charger and gives the correct charge status indications.
2 Year Guarantee
Extra durability in extreme conditions
Long lasting due to higher capacity
High quality Li-ion cells
High energy density ratio
Excellent voltage stability
3m drop proof shock absorbing construction




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