Hahnel Captur Remote Control & Flash Trigger for Nikon Cameras

R 1,995
SKU 100102


A wireless remote control and flash trigger for Nikon DSLR cameras. The remote allows you to trigger your DSLR remotely, and also trigger your flash off-camera for more creative lighting.
The kit contains one transmitter, one receiver, N1, N2 & N3 connection cables, and four AA batteries.


Wireless Remote Shutter Release & Remote Flash Trigger
Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Nikon cameras
Wireless Remote Control for DSLR flashgun
Autofocus & Shutter Release with Continuous shooting & Bulb Mode
Up to 100m range
Additional receivers available to trigger multiple flashguns or cameras
Interchangeable Camera connector cables
DCM – Digital Channel Matching

Powered by AA batteries
Compatible with the Hahnel Module - Pro (Sold separately, see related products)
The Hahnel Module - Pro adds new triggering and time lapse capabilities to the Hahnel Captur remote control & flash trigger. The Hahnel Captur Pro module features built-in motion, light, sound, laser, and IR (infrared) sensors, as well as an AUX socket to connect 3rd party sensors such as pressure plates. The multiple sensors will allow you to freeze extremely fast moving subjects as well as wildlife and sport at exactly the right time.




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