Hahnel Captur Module - Pro

R 2,095
SKU 100393


The Hahnel Module - Pro adds new triggering and time lapse capabilities to the Hahnel Captur remote control & flash trigger. The Hahnel Captur Pro module features built-in motion, light, sound, laser, and IR (infrared) sensors, as well as an AUX socket to connect 3rd party sensors such as pressure plates. The multiple sensors will allow you to freeze extremely fast moving subjects as well as wildlife and sport at exactly the right time.

Requires the Hahnel Captur remote control & flash trigger (Sold separately, see related products).


Light sensor
The light sensor triggers with sudden changes in light levels, or when the light level goes above or below a certain level. This makes capturing lightening and fireworks a breeze.

Laser sensor
The laser sensor easily detects when something breaks the laser beam. Great for capturing water droplets, macro and wildlife shots.

Sound sensor
The sound sensor triggers your camera or flash when it detects a sound. Capture glass shattering, a balloon popping & more.

Infrared sensor
The built in infra-red sensor triggers when something breaks through the beam. Fantastic for wildlife and sports photography & even water droplets hitting the surface.

Auxiliary port
An auxiliary port allows to connect 3rd party sensors such as pressure plates, humidity & temperature sensors

Time Lapse Photography
Landscapes, cloudscapes, slow growing plants & more come to life using time lapse photography. You can take multiple photographs at intervals over a long period of time & edit into a moving sequence.

Long Exposure
This type of photography can bring real life into your photographs by capturing moving objects with longer exposure times. Great for starscapes, landscapes, seascapes & more




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