Full Heavy Duty 6M Jib kit with pan tilt

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Heavy Duty 6M Jib with pan tilt


FT-9119 Jib Arm Fancier Jib Arm FT-9119 is made from high intensity air aluminum alloy.
It is light,strong and stable. The arm rod can operate independently, easy to upgrade, install and transport.

Net Weight: 45kg
Gross Weight: 75kg
Payload: 5kg
Bowl: 100 - 75mm
Arm Length: 5400mm Min.
Height: 20cm Max.
Height: 4160mm

Package includes:
1x 6m Jib arm
1x Stand
1x Dolly
1x 7 inch Monitor
1x Pan tilt Head with controller
5x 15 kg Weights
1x 5 kg Weights
4x Alliminuim Flight Cases




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