Menik FN-600 Battery Operated Flash

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FN-600 battery operated flash


LCD control panel, 1/4-1/128 precise adjustment,8 Aperture.
Accurate color temperature 5600± 200K.
Flash and battery in one, patented design battery mount, easy disassembly , portable.
Battery and adapter, dual supply mode.
Outdoor shooting and indoor AC charging handy.
High-capacity 1200mAH Li-battery pack, external DC12.6V charging port, can be equipped car cigarette lighter and power adapter.
Quick recycle between 0.01-3.5sec, the highest duration times can reach to 1/10000sec, suitable for dynamic freezed speed flash photography.
5times/sec, 10times/sec, 15times/sec for option, choose flash frequency from 1-99Hz..
Standard universal three Jaw mount, Softbox, reflector, Snoot, ect.,accessories complete.
USB remote receiver interface, the choice of professionals with remote trigger WT-4, consisting of wireless power conditioning and trigger systems.
Modeling lamp using 5W LED, equivalent to 75W ordinary bulbs.
After the battery is fully charged, the full power consecutive flash times is 400 times for 600W models.




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