DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer with Quad Mount

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The DJI Ronin MX is the first aerial/drone and handheld usable 3-axis system for professional cameras.
The Ronin-MX supports camera systems weighing up to 4.5kg, but only weighs 2.15 to 2.77kg (depending on the setup); this achievement is possible due to a magnesium construction.

Handheld and Drone mounted professional gimbal camera stabilisation system
Weighs between 2.15 and 2.77kg
Supports up to 4.5kg
Easy and fast Setup
Precise balancing


Professional 3-axis stabilisation
The Ronin MX provides smooth and progressive stabilisation on 3 axes: pan, tilt, and roll. The stabilisation is done by strong motors and electronic speed controllers that actively compensates for any high frequency movement, giving you smooth and professional looking video.

Light and compact
The Ronin-MX weighs between 2.15kg and 2.77kg. The light weight makes it mountable, easier to operate, and eases shooting long or complex scenes.

Supports up to 4.5kg. Compatible with a wide range
New and 50% stronger motors from DJI, a magnesium construction, a better placed battery , and a 2-point cage enables the Ronin MX to support professional broadcast level cameras and equipment weighing up to 4.5kg. Cameras in this weight category includes: RED Dragon, Arri Alexa Mini, Blackmagic cinema cameras, Sony A7, Sony camcorders, Canon camcorders, and any professional DSLR such as a Canon EOS 5D or 1D Mark II.

Compatible with DJI M600 / Matrice 600 drone
The DJI Ronin-MX is natively compatible with the DJI M600 / Matrice 600 drone. When installed on the Matrice 600 aircraft, the gimbal can be controlled via the DJI GO app.

Designed for high G-force environments
The strong motors and high rigidity magnesium frame allows the Ronin-MX on tough and demanding environments with high g-force shifts. An optional GPS module also allows even better stabilisation on accelerating objects such as cars.

Continuous 360° pan rotation and tilt axis range to 135° down
The DJI Ronin-MX features a slip ring to enable 360° rotation continuously when mounted to aircraft or vehicles. This feature toghther with a tilt axis range from 90° straight down and beyond to 135° opens up a range of creative shooting options.

Easy and fast Setup
The Ronin-MX can be setup and balanced within 5 minutes. Simply mount your camera, do a quick balance, and start the ATS (Auto Tune Stability) process. ATS (Auto Tune Stability) is now more precise than ever before and completes the tuning and balancing processes with no tools necessary.

SmoothTrack Control
The SmoothTrack system translates your movements into smooth camera angle changes. Smoothtrack works automatically and does not need input from another user. Smoothtrack intuitively faces the camera in the direction you want, all while completely stabilized. Settings from speed to deadband to acceleration are fully customizable, and ‘Single Axis Follow Mode’ enables you to lock two axes while SmoothTrack guides your camera along only one axis of motion.

3 Operation modes
Switch effortlessly between the following 3 modes of operation, without adjusting any settings or needing a 2nd operator remote:

Underslung Mode
Film effortlessly and comfortably in the most common shooting mode, holding the Ronin-MX directly in front of you at chest level.

Upright Mode
Shoot at or above eye-level by flipping and lifting the lightweight Ronin MX above your head. This mode is perfect for shooting out of or over high objects like: a car’s sunroof or above a crowd of people.

Briefcase Mode
Filming in narrow spaces or moving through a doorway is effortless with Briefcase mode. Turn the gimbal vertically and hold it by your side close to your legs.

Long Battery Life
The Ronin-MX’s smart battery features a runtime of up to 3 hours. Overcharge and over depletion protection is built in, as is individual cell charge balancing. Remaining power is shown by clear LEDs and in the DJI Go app.

Powerful brushless motors. Precision Control
The Ronin-MX brushless motors are incredibly precise and 50% powerful than the Ronin-M, while maintaining low vibration and increasing torque. Digital Absolute Positioning Encoders in each axis increases accuracy, and gives a much larger range of controllable motion on both the tilt and roll axes.

External camera battery support
Certain professional cameras such as the RED EPIC need an external battery for power. A dedicated position designed for an optional battery plate provides an easy, cable free mounting point for a 2nd DJI Intelligent Battery. This provides two 12V P-tap power sources for powering cameras and accessories.

Power Your Tools
A dedicated power distribution box keeps wiring to a minimum while providing power to your key accessories. Two regulated 12V P-taps, one 500mAH full-size USB connector, and a DJI Lightbridge connector enable you to connect and provide power to everything you need.

Universal Mounting
The Ronin-MX can easily be mounted to a aircraft using a specially designed mounting plate. A separate universal Quick Release system that doubles as a vibration dampening system allows the Ronin-MX to be connected to everything from jib to tripod and anything in between. This plate isolates the Ronin-MX from unwanted vibrations coming from the platforms it is mounted to, and makes it usable everywhere.




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