Commlite Wired remote control for Nikon CR-TR1N

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R 159

Wired remote control.
CR-TR1N CABLE FOR D4 / D3X / D3 / D800 / D800E / D700 / D300S / D300 / D200


The Commlite wired remote control, utilizes special high-quality material with a perfect and delicate mould.

Excellent on a par with the original Canon and Nikon remotes.

The product comes with humanization design.

The two function levels of the shutter release button are easily sensed when pressed.

The lock button is removable and stable as well as hard-wearing.

Raised dots allow for an anti-skidding design.

Half-press for focus, full-press for shutter, B mode operation;
Single/Continuous/‘B’ mode, three shooting modes;
Efficiently to prevent shaking and movement;
Delicate and perfect design, portable for outdoor shooting;
Raised dots anti-skidding design, perfect touch feeling;
High-technology material, stable function and quality.

Weight: 45g
Cable length: 100cm
Release: Half-press for auto-focus, full-press for shutter release
Dimension: 95.5mm (L) X 29.4mm (W) X 20.3mm (H)

Compatible with the following models:
Nikon: D4, D3X, D3, D800, D800E, D700, D300S, D300, D200
Fujifilm: S5 Pro, S3 Pro

1x CR-TR1N Wired remote control CABLE FOR D4 / D3X / D3 / D800 / D800E / D700 / D300S / D300 / D200




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