Commlite CS-M1 Camera Matt Box

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Basic Matt box


Weight: 14.8 oz (439g)
This Matt Box is specially designed for all DV / HDV cameras and camcorders with normal and wide angle lenses.
The Matt box is a simple and unique in design used to reduce extra sunlight on the lens.
The Matt Box is easily detachable.
It is very light in weight.

Fits Rail Diameter: 0.95” (15mm)
Fits Rails center to center distance: 2.36” (60mm)
Fits lens sizes: from 43mm up to 77mm only
Made of ABS plastic and black anodized aluminum
Compatible with industry standard 0.95-inch (15mm) rods
Adjustable height to fit different lens sizes and diameters
Removable top and flank flags for easy carrying

Rail Mount: 15mm
Rail Spacing: 60mm




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