Cellphone Video Cage

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R 479
  • Compact
  • Triple Shoe mount slots
  • Threaded Mounting Points
  • Portable


With the advance in mobile phone camera capabilities, shooting amazing video has become accessible to almost anyone with a smart phone and the drive to shoot. However, due to the size of phones we often find one of our fingers sneaking into the shot, not to mention the size of phones which makes it very difficult to hold steady. This is where a cellphone cage comes in. Giving you not only the option to mount external microphones but also an external LED. You also have the option to mount the cage to a tripod or stabilizer, making you shots silky smooth.

  • Light Weight
  • ¼” Mount
  • Accepts most cellphones
  • Quick Setup
  • Versatile
  • ABS Plastic
  • 1 x Cellphone Cage

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