Boya BY-PB25 Carbon Fiber Boompole with Internal XLR Cable

SKU 101300
R 1,889

1m (3.3') to 2.5m (8.2') Extension Range
Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
3 Telescoping Sections
Internal Coiled Cable
Bottom XLR Connection
Padded Neoprene Handle
Twist Locks
1/4" Threaded Stud
Also includes 3/8" Adapter and 5/8" Adapter
Includes Carrying Case


The BOYA BY-BP25 Carbon Fiber Boompole features 3 telescoping sections that can provide 1m (3.3') to 2.5m (8.2') of extension for your shotgun microphon. It can be used by boom operators to attach a microphone or a variety of other accessories for applications such as broadcast TV, films, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), field work, and more.

The boompole has a 1/4" thread, a 3/8" adapter and a 5/8" adapter is included to provide compatibility with a broad range of mounts. Its reinforced carbon fiber design is highly durable while remaining extremely lightweight and comfortable to handle even in extreme temperatures. The lightweight design reduces handling fatigue during lengthy sessions.

This pole features an internal coiled cable and an XLR connection at the base of the pole. A total of three Carbon Fiber sections telescope between 1m (3.3') to 2.5m (8.2') and will easily store in any standard equipment case. The captive-collet coupling system locks each section in place for even further reliability.

Internal coiled XLR cable and connection at the base
Features a bottom-mounted three-pin XLR connection
Lightweight carbon fiber construction
Three sections adjust the length of the boom between 1m (3.3') to 2.5m (8.2')
The boom uses an industry-standard 1/4" thread, also 3/8" Adapter and 5/8" Adapter ,and mates with most shockmounts and stands.
Jam-resistant collar coupling
Foam handle for comfort




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