Aputure LED 198 Single Colour Light with Battery And Charger

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  • Battery power indicator
  • Seamless connection
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Eco-friendly & power saving
  • Multiple battery options
  • Higher color rendering index (CRI 95+)


The Aputure LED198 Single Colour with Battery and Charger is a great setup for the photographer or videographer who wants an on-camera fill light. They are often used by videographers shooting in dimly lit areas such as clubs or event halls. The brightness can be adjusted by a dial on the back panel and the colour temperature can be adjusted by using the included filters. The light operates on both Sony NP batteries or AA batteries.

  • Operating current ≤ 1.5A Power ≤ 13W
  • Supply power DC5.5V-9.5V Cooling mode Natural Ventilation
  • Average life span(H) ≥ 100,000 Color temperature 5,500K
  • Beam angle 60° CRI ≥ 95 Ra
  • Volume(L*W*Hmm) 151*56*100 Net weight 425g
  • 1 x LED198 Single Colour Light
  • 1 x Hotshoe Adapter
  • 1 x Tungsten
  • 1 x Diffusion Gel
  • 1 x Mini Ballhead
  • 1 x NP550 Battery and Charger

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