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Popup Bowens speed ring Octa. Able to be setup in seconds.


Octogonal softboxes are a popular kit to soften and to produce even light. They are commonly used in portrait photography. Its octagon shape allows light to spread evenly over the subject being photographed and transferring the shape of the softbox to the models eye.

The convex front face helps the lights to spread in all directions. The eight sided box makes sure the light from the box has smoother effect.

Product Highlights:
8-Sided Softbox
Omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with black backing
Reflective and diffusive material
Soft, Wrap-around Light
Very even light distribution
Break-away Corners
Colorfast Material
Waterproof Material
Comes with removable internal and external diffuser
Bowens S Speedring included

Softbox size is usually chosen by the size of the subject and the strength of light supply being used. Used with any tungsten (500 watts or less) or flash light source, the softbox will direct, amplify, and soften the light output to subject.

Package Includes
1 x Octagonal Softbox 95 cm
1 x Internal Diffuser
1 x External Diffuser
1 x Bowens S Speedring
1 x Carry Bag




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