80cm x 120cm Popup Softbox

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Popup Softbox 80x120 with Bowens Mount and Grid. Able to be setup in seconds.


Photographers choose soft box light sources for the soft even light they throw and for the even highlights they create. The quality of light closely resembles that of the light transmitted through a window; the illumination comes from a (usually) evenly illuminated surface.

Soft box lighting de-emphasizes lines and blemishes on the face of a human subject. Soft box lighting provide bright, even lighting, smooth broad highlight reflections in product photography, and gentle transitions from the illuminated areas to the areas of shadow. Reflections are of great importance when photographing shiny polished surfaces, reflective metal surfaces, and transparent materials like glass. The image of the highlight on such subjects is really a reflected image of the lightsource. Soft boxes are often easier to manage than umbrellas when it comes to controlling the amount of light that falls on the backdrop or background of an image. A softbox can be 'feathered', or aimed to direct stray light away from the background. "Barn doors" and "honeycomb grids" can also be used to restrict the area illuminated by soft boxes.

Product Highlights:
Omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with black backing
Reflective and diffusive material
Soft, Wrap-around Light
Very even light distribution
Colorfast Material
Waterproof Material
Comes with removeable internal and external diffuser
Bowens S-Type Speedring included
Grid Included




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