60cm x 90cm Popup Softbox

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Popup Softbox 60x90 with bowens mount.

Quick setup in seconds.


Set-up like an umbrella in seconds.

The Pop Up softboxes are great for mobile photography. They can be set up and packed away rapidly by simply slide the locking mechanism into place and the softbox is set up - attach the diffusers and you are ready to shoot.

To pack up remove the diffusers, press one button and pack it away into the included carry bag. Quick and easy! Sturdy, all metal construction and heavy duty fabric ensures a long working life.

Product Highlights:

Time saving; rapid set-up in seconds

sturdy metal construction

ideal for location photographer

Omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with black backing

Reflective and diffusive material

Soft, Wrap-around Light

Very even light distribution

Colorfast Material

Waterproof Material

Comes with removeable internal and external diffuser

Bowens S-Type Speedring included




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