43" 3-In-1 Umbrella

SKU 100978
R 379

43" 3 IN 1 umbrella
Black/silver, black/white and white diffuser.


1. Double-layer design, it’s a black outside and silver inside reflective umbrella; after removing the outer layer, it becomes an independent soft umbrella;

2. The umbrella body is made of metal frame, light and solid; the umbrella shaft diameter is 8mm, suitable for all kinds of flash mounts;

3. The outer layer uses high-quality mirror reflective material, and the inner layer uses high scattering soft material;

Umbrella Diameter: 44 inches (about 107cm)
Product Weight: 300g
Shaft Diameter: 8mm
Umbrella Material: Polyester with Silver Coating

Package Includes:
1 x 44-inch Double-Layer Shake-off Reflective + Soft Umbrella




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