4 Head Lamp Holder

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4 Head Lamp Holder


Product Introduction:

It is a 4 in 1 studio E27 lamp socket splitter adapter for studio daylight bulbs and that,allows 4 bulbs installed in one single socket at the same time.Each socket on the adapter can support up to 250W.So it support up to 1000W in total.This product idea for more lights for photo or video, if you want to upgrade your single socket lights,convert a single bulb light to 4 bulbs light Video Features this is the best choice.It is E27 base, same fit as regular household bulb socket.This product is mainly used in photography.


It suits for studio daylight bulbs in photographic use.4 Bulbs installed in 1 single socket at the same time.The location on lighting holder for photo softbox.Operated with 4 day-light studio light bulbs.Four heads photo lighting holder universal.Work with 110 - 120V.
Base type: standard E27 base.Dimensions:
12x11x11cmSupport power: 250Wx4 (1000W in total).
Package Includes:
1x 4 in 1 studio E27 lamp socket splitter adapter
"Bulbs are not included!"




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