2pcs Spiral 1x 85watt Lights with Black/Silver umbrellas

R 1,750
SKU 100809

Each head equivalent to that of a 350watt tungsten. Spiral 1x85watt comes with, 2 Spiral Heads, 2 Light Stands, 2x 85watt Bulbs and 2 black / silver umbrellas 43"


Professional fluorescent lightings with umbrellas that produces 700 watts total of useable light. The bulbs were developed specifically for digital imaging (photography & video). Flicker free and daylight balanced (5500K). Fluorescent bulbs are more effecient than standard incandescent bulbs, and produce less heat. One 85 Watt buld is equal to a 350 watt incandescent bulb. This kind of light has the most advanced design, with a light weight body and stable color temperature at 5500k

This lighting kit gives you that soft light that eliminates harsh shadows virtually bathing your subject in light. Works great for portraits and product photo's. After hours of operation they generate hardly any heat, this makes them perfect for extended shoots.

*Fluorescent lamps are more efficient than incandescent light bulbs because a greater proportion of the power used is converted into useable light rather than heat, allowing the fluorescent lamp to run cooler. Thus a fluorescent lamp requiring 85 watts of power, for instance, produces as much light as a 350 watt incandescent light bulb, but with up to 90% less heat.

This is a kit for studio room photography and videography.

There are two 1x 85Watt Spiral lights with umbrellas.
Comes with a power cable with switch.
This kit also includes, two light stands

2PCS x Spiral Light (1 holder)
2PCS x black / silver Umbrella(43")
2PCS x 2m light stands
2 PCS x 85watt spiral bulbs




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