2pcs Spiral 1x 45watt Lights with Translucent Umbrellas

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  • Compact
  • Quick Setup
  • Extremely Low Heat Generation
  • Mains Operated
  • Daylight Balanced
  • Durable


This 2-piece 1 x 45-Watt Fluorescent Kit is a fantastic 2 head setup that has been used by photographers and videographers for an exceptionally long time. The translucent umbrellas help to create beautiful highlights as well as catch lights in the eyes of your subjects and soften the edges of the shadows creating beautifully diffused light.
Continuous lighting is a great option for the photographer who shoots subjects that are sensitive to strobes (new-borns, food, and portraits are but a few categories that continuous lighting will be fantastic for) and for the videographer who requires a travel-friendly set up. With fluorescent globes, heat generation is cut by close to 90% of tungsten, making it a joy for models and food alike. Each globe has an output of 45-Watts bringing the total up to 90-Watts. The two translucent umbrellas that are included with the kit makes setting up quick and easy, with no need to struggle with softbox construction. Each head can be turned on and off individually to ensure the optimal lighting set up is achieved.


  • 90-Watt total output (2x45-Watt Fluorescent Globes)
  • 5200K (Daylight White Balance)
  • AC Mains Powered
  • Continuous Lighting
  • 2 x Single Head E27 Lamp Holders
  • 2 x 45W Fluorescent Globes
  • 2 x 33” Translucent Umbrellas
  • 2 x 2m Compact Light Stands

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