2m TTL Cord for Canon

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Micnova MQ-E3 TTL Cord for Canon


The MQ-E3 TTL Cord for Canon from Micnova isa TTL Cord provides creative photographers with the ability to remotely fire Canon flashes with E-TTL / E-TTL II capabilities.Removing the flash from thecamera's hot shoe allows the photographer to create unique and dramaticlighting styles that are not possible with a traditional shoe-mounted strobe

The Coiled cord measures 2 menough distance to accommodate hand-held lighting styles or when keeping theflash mounted on a compact flash bracket
Off-camera lighting reducesthe harsh shadows commonly encountered with direct on-camera flashes and givesyour photographs a more natural look
One side TTL cable fitsdirectly into the camera's hot shoe to ensure that all of the camera's exposuredata is maintained. The other side can be attached to any stand, tripod, ordevice with a standard 1/4"-20 threaded stud or flash shoe mount and theshoe has a locking knob to ensure your equipment is secure.




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