1300mm Black Silver Parabolic Umbrella with Translucent Diffuser

R 950
SKU 101265

1300mm Black silver Parabolic Umbrella With translucent Diffuser


The Parabolic Reflector Umbrella is designed to fit almost all flash heads and umbrella brackets.
Inner silver lining reflects light and makes your picture brighter.
Outer black lining keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo.
Translucent Diffuser cover 
Easy to assemble/disassemble.
Compact and easy to store.
Highly Reflective Silver Lining.
Minimal Light Fall-Off on Edges.
Very High Light Efficiency.

This studio umbrella is ideal for the photography that is looking to shoot portraits, fashion and products. Sporting a Silver Reflective surface, this studio umbrella is designed to bring an excellent broad reflective light into every photographer's images. Ideal for use with studio lights or flashes.

Diameter: 1300mm
Material: Nylon




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