1 spiral 4x85watt light

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The head is equivalent to that of a 800watt tungsten. Spiral 4x85watt comes with, 1 Spiral Head with independent switches for each bulb bank, 1 Light Stand, 4x 85watt Bulbs and 1 soft box 60x90cm


Features: This spiral fluorescent is perfect for digital photos and video lighting. The four socket lamp head supports both umbrellas and soft boxes for light control. Only 14cm in Diameter the four socket spiral fluorescent head with 4x85w bulbs is extremely efficient in energy consumption and has an equivalent output of 800W Designed for Film Cameras, Digital Photography and Video Shooting. Excellent for green screen. Comes with: 1 Spiral Head 1 Light Stand 2meter 4x 85watt Bulbs @ 5500k Soft box 60x90cm




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