1 spiral 4x45watt light 60x90

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The head is equivalent to that of a 400 watt tungsten. Spiral 4x45watt comes with, 1 Spiral Head with independent switches for each bulb bank, 1 Light Stand, 4 x 45watt Bulbs and 1 soft box 60 x 90cm. Bulbs and diffuser are included!


This spiral fluorescent is perfect for digital photos and video lighting.
The four socket lamp head supports a popup soft boxes for light control.
The four socket spiral fluorescent head with 4 x 45w bulbs is extremely efficient in energy consumption and has an equivalent output of 400W.
Designed for Film Cameras, Digital Photography and Video Shooting.
Excellent for green screen.

1 x Spiral Head
1 x Light Stand 2 meter
4 x 45watt Bulbs @ 5500k
1 x Popup Soft box 60 x 90cm




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