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Single Arm Carbon Fiber Steadycam Stabilizer with Vest

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Quick Overview

This stabilization system is created for today's on the move video production requirements. The system allows the user to walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles and travel over uneven terrain without any camera instability.


Now Independent/Commerical and all videographers can fulfill their dream projects of producing the stable videos with our improved version of STEADY ARM & VEST WITH STEADYCAM RIG + FINE TUNE ADJUSTMENT PLATE. This is a perfect, lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing system. This professional body-mounted camera stabilization system has been designed for cameras weighing up to 1 to 6kg's. This system includes a Spring Arm, Vest and Steadycam stabilizer. The Arm allows for a comfortable adjustment of angles for taking high mode and low mode shots. The Comfort Vest has been upgraded with the shoulder and back foam padded to give the user relief from the pain during long shoot times. Stabilizer Arm & Vest offers further cutting edge technology. It is complemented by the arm and lightweight vest. It is engineered to accommodate a wide range of both lightweight television cameras and also lightweight 16mm and 35mm film cameras. STABILIZER ARM: An Articulated Arm system is designed to absorb shocks and bumps. It is durable and lightweight. The shock absorber spring is adjustable for taking high end and low end shots. The arm incorporates eight precision bearings within its machined aluminum structure which allow arm to pivot and boom very smoothly with virtually no noise. The arm has a manually adjustable tensioning spring which maintains the position of the stabilizer depending on the combined weight of whatever camcorder and stabilizer you're using. The arm itself articulates on eight sealed bearings, is very light in weight and easily removed from the vest. There's a universal stabilizer mount which is inserted and locked into the arm without the need for tools. The vest-arm connector has been increased in its length for controlling the arm more comfortably. COMFORTABLE VEST: The comfort has been upgraded in its complete back and front foam padding. The vest is very versatile and lightweight and makes you comfortable on long shoots. The vest has a front arm mounting system that eliminates the pain arises during shooting. Features of Vest : Height Adjustment as per the different body sizes Four attachment points for its suspension system A wide lower "belt" secured by velcro. Fully Back and Shoulder Padded Front Arm Mounting System Fully foam padded chest support Specifications : Lightweight Colour : Black Front Arm Mounting eliminates fatigue Fits to all body sizes Easy to wear and take off Basically, you'll spend a few minutes the first time you put this thing on in order to get it comfortable. Once you've tightened all the straps, you shouldn't have to change anything (unless somebody else wears it)... just use the quick-release buckles to slip it on and off. The articulating arm slips right out of its socket, so you're not stuck with that thing banging around when you're taking a break between shots. Vest can be extended according to the operater's requirement. Steadycam Stabilizer: The stabilizer is designed for handheld use, body supported use, and self supported use. When hand held smoothly circle around your subject, dutching, booming, and tilting on the fly, changing angles and framing just like in music videos. You can do chase scenes, go up and down stairs, jump off walls, go over picnic tables, follow people in cars, shoot weddings, receptions, love stories, sports, documentaries, choirs, plays, etc. When body-mounted, it rests on your body and distributes the weight over the vest letting you zoom and focus with a heads up position with both eyes free to monitor or look for new scenes. Our Steadycam features: Universal Camera base plate with quick release clamp Adjustable Gimbal Weight holding plate Weights for balancing your camera The Steadycam has universal camera base plate : The Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots (holes) to accommodate all variety of camera bases. You can slide your camera with base plate of steadicam on both the horizontal and vertical axes, achieved by means of thumbscrews and a movable camera base plate. Picture is showing x-axis movement. The Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting screws to accommodate all variety of camera bases. You can slide your camera with base plate of steadycam on both the horizontal and vertical axes, achieved by means of thumbscrews and a movable camera base plate. The quick release plate is provided with a knob to move the camera mounting plate in micromilimeters. This helps in setting the camera even more easily. The quick release system uses a lever operated clamp. To mount the camera, you press the lever to lock open a cam-like lock. Now mount the camera to the plate with the help of screws provided. You then slide the plate into the clamp's front flanges and press it down in back to push down a pin that closes the cam to lock the plate into position. Balancing the camera : This stabilizing system contains weights. Main function of these weights is to balance your camera on this stablizer. You can add or remove weights as per your requirement. Weights are made of Aluminium . Weights are attached to rod. Telecopic post : The Steadycam has telescopic post & hence can be extended. Its height can be adjusted according to the weight of the camera´╗┐´╗┐

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Size 46mm
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